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First of all I am addicted to thrift store shopping. Second, I am addicted to crafty DIY projects... I started this blog because I love to share what I make and the cool projects that I find that I wish I had time for.

Anne Hayman 
Editor-in-chief, craft-a-holic, awesome indie gift finder extraordinaire. 
Hello! My name is Anne, and I love DIY. I grew up in the Metro Detroit area. Crafting and DIY is in my blood. My mom has remodeled her own kitchen like 4 times. She feels at home in a wood shop. She crochets, knits, sews {she sewed my entire wardrobe one year...I think i was 2?}... I think she gave me the confidence to try anything I wanted to do, she is pretty fearless like that... very clever and inventive! I have been crafting since I was 9, when I learned how to macrame friendship bracelets at Girl Scout camp. Then my mom taught me how to sew on her old Singer. I quickly moved on to making barbie clothes, purses and bags to carry my stuff, then onto clothing. What I create has always evolved from what I want for myself.

In school I always loved art classes: ceramics, painting, drawing, but especially cutting and pasting. {love. i have always been very mixed media} I took graphic design but back then it was boring. it wasn't digital. it wasn't for me! I liked making collages with pics from magazines, writing phrases on them, making thought bubbles say funny things. My teacher didn't really appreciate my aesthetic.

When I found the grateful dead at 17, I was mesmerized! Other people liked to sew, and bead and crochet n stuff too?? I was amazed. I started making bone chokers and peyote stitching like crazy. I bead embroidered flowers all over my corduroy overalls. I embroidered on the hems of my calico patchwork dresses. total hippie... I started selling my jewelry at 17, at dead shows and to friends of friends.   

I traveled to the West Coast of the US in 1994,
spent a few years traveling, making and selling my art and jewelry at shows up and down the coast, stopping to visit friends, caretook a summer camp one winter, then an abandoned homestead up in Humboldt County {Weitchpec, CA} the next summer for my herbal apprenticeship. 

I settled in San Diego in 1998 to go to school to study to become a Holistic Health Practitioner, Herbalist, Aromatherapist, and Esthetician, specializing in herbal skincare. By 2005, I was working at a 5 star resort spa in San Diego.

Through everything I have found time to create. Crafting & art is my meditation, I LOVE to crochet, sew, embroider, cross stitch, paint. and I love urban art. graffiti. found and recycled art. In 2006 I collaborated with a group of other urban artists, and we started hosting art & fashion shows in our favorite bars and restaurants around downtown San Diego.

In 2007, I moved back to the Metro Detroit area from San Diego to be close to my parents. I started investigating ways to sell the 100+ pieces of jewelry and art I had made. I found Etsy in 2007, and set up my shop. For the first year I struggled with photos, listing, promotion, etc. I didn't really put much into it. I was working full time as an Esthetician and my shop got neglected.

I started The Handmade Gift Guide in October of 2009, shortly after having to quit my job due to my fibromyalgis flare ups.
For 3 years, I blogged about cute stuff that I found online that I would love to buy for my family! Or for my puppies. cool clothes and art, or gluten free cupcakes... mmm those flor de sal caramels.... Or just some stuff that I loved... projects I was working on... and I took classes online to learn photoshop, lightroom, and indesign...  

I love to support the handmade/independent {or what I refer to as "indie"} retail movement here in Detroit

I have had various Etsy shops of my own: Bijoux Paperie, Lillian George, and now my graphic design shop: Renovation Alley... so I know the challenges faced by crafters online. I have learned so much, and love to share my knowledge about indie business ownership, buying and selling on Etsy, blogging, and product photography with my clients. It was a natural progression to start offering my graphic design and consulting services for hire on Etsy in late 2010.

I have always wanted to have a magazine, but had yet to master indesign...So I bugged my sister until she finally gave in 2011. She knew indesign really well from paginating a newspaper for years. We started the Handmade Companion as a way to promote the indie DIY handmade lifestyle.

We published 4 print editions together before I realized that the digital aspect of it had something special... and decided to go fully digital and interactive. I wanted to change my format and also change the name to Indie Lovely, 

Indie lovely is a mixture of all of my passions. When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a piece of me died. I loved helping people feel better and live healthier {and happier}lives. I loved teaching. I knew who I was and what I was supposed to do, and then all the sudden I was lost. I lay in bed for 6+ months not knowing what was wrong with me, or how to function. I learned the art of balancing my autoimmune disorder naturally. It takes constant awareness of my eating habits, energy & stress levels, spiritual practice and pH levels.  

My fibromyalgia was a gift, it was a blessing in disguise in order for me to slow down and find yet another {and farther reaching} way to help others: with gluten free recipes, inspiration, crafty tutorials, articles and interviews about indie businesses, positive energy, resources for indie business owners, indie shopping, holistic health news, natural skincare, make and takes, etc… I am addicted to photography too, so I always include lots of uplifting images… I wanted to share everything that I have learned in the last 20 years. I want to be a positive inspiration for people wanting to live a more purpose driven, holistic {and happy} lifestyle. I saw that I could include all of these things in a digital magazine. I named it Indie Lovely after months of research. It just clicked. It felt like it was the perfect name for what I was doing. 

I also have this uncanny ability: I find the coolest stuff somehow. I can walk into a thrift store and find things I like with no problem... online I find fun things to make for yourself, new blogs to read, inspiring people doing amazing things, ways to get involved with community, talented artists you need to know about...

But whatever, check it out if you like that kinda stuff. I think you do.

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