Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Handmade Companion Spring Issue

Happy Spring, my crafty pals! I have been keeping myself busy getting the spring issue of The Handmade Companion published. I am so happy to announce our partnership with magcloud, a super cool publisher. This way we can keep our costs down and continue to offer a print version of this crafty publication.

*{the digital version is a super awesome interactive E-zine that you can view on all devices that allow for PDF downloads. yah! like your iPhone, iPad, android smartphone... oh, and your computer of course!}*

The Handmade Companion is a lifestyle magazine for those who love DIY, indie art and crafts, gardening, learning new hobbies, making it themselves, recipes, sewing patterns, crochet, embroidery, shopping at unique independent retailers, vintage and thrifting... and all that good stuff!

In this issue you will find articles about: how to start a garden, spring detox recipes, a cool product photography tutorial on how to make a light box for under $5, a sweet market/harvest bag pattern, how to crochet flowers, a spring trends handmade style shopping section, how to start a craft swap in your area, 10 questions with one of my favorite bath and body shop owners, some advice for the DIY bride, and so much more!

Of course I am extremely proud of this issue, we've expanded by 10 pages this time, adding the features: handmade bride, gardening tips and tricks, brick & mortar interview, and our trends/shopping pages. Next issue we will expand even more to include crafty book reviews, DIY fashion, jewelry tutorials and some others that I will save as surprises. {oh, trust me, you're gonna love it!}

The digital version is soooo cool!
Enjoy the Spring issue! And keep a look out for a super cool giveaway featuring our "10 questions with" spotlight business Aromaholic... It will be up next week!

              til then... stay crafty!

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