Friday, February 3, 2012

Crochet 101: Pinterest Granny Square Projects

Here are a few of the cute projects I found for using granny squares on pinterest that I wanted to share with you.

{I broke down and indulged for an hour yesterday}

If you need help learning how to crochet, go learn, then hit up my tutorial for crocheting granny squares. then come back and figure out what to do with the grannys you will make because you will become addicted like i have.

I. just. can't. stop.

Grannys as art?! a really cool tutorial... check it out

psst... a crocheted turtle couple would make a cute valentine's day gift

a granny square rug?! yes please

granny square pillow cover. love the button detail emma lamb added

great tutorial on how to join grannys to make a blankie. 
this is the method I'm going to use.

this is so pretty... *sigh*

well that should keep you busy for the weekend! post pics of your WIP {work in progress} in the flickr crochet-along group photo pool. OR... tag your photos on twitter or instagram with the hashtag #crochetalong. I'm going to start joining my squares this weekend. If you wanna follow along, the best way is on my new photo blog: my craft addiction.

You can also check out the progress I make while re-organizing my craft room. I will be back here tomorrow with a post featuring my recent inspirations {that finally forced me to start my redo} ...oh! and I'll have some tips on ways to organize your own craftspace as well.

til then, crochet on my dears!

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