Thursday, April 11, 2013

Indie Digital Magazine:
Indie Lovely Spring 2013

I'm always looking for some pretty spring inspiration. Check out Indie Lovely's Spring issue's super pretty features... make & take: boho shabby chic country cottage crafty DIY projects. handmade indie shopping guide. get inspired and take action & meet my new business coach. check out my recent faves from around the webs. meet the furniture whisperer and the one size fits all dress queen.

I like to doodle in my magazines... in photoshop, like a dork. I couldn't resist the curly mustache on the pretty girl with that beautiful floral crown. click below to read the mag. share it if you love it!

 indie lovely

 indie lovely


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Craft Show: Maker's Mart Toledo 2012

I love craft shows. I love getting to hang out with friends, meet new people, share the mag, sell some gift wrap kits... take a few pics... I totally adore being the official photographer... I know all my local artists by what they make, and I always notice their new products... sigh....

This year a new show came up, called Maker's Mart. It was to be in Toledo, OH, about 1.75 hours south of my house. One of my friends, Betty, from oh sew betty, was organizing it. How exciting, I thought, I will probably meet a ton of new artists, spread the word about the mag...

Maker's Mart Holiday 2012

It was fantastic. I got there late {I had Tiny Girl's school
holiday bazaar that morning to go to} and it was so busy!
I heard tales of lines out the door, and saw the
proof in the half empty tables of merch.

Maker's Mart Holiday 2012

"it was amazing, I couldn't even stop
selling long enough to drink my coffee!" 
-straight outta the mouth of one of the vendors.

Needless to say, I will def be there anytime
they host an event, from now on.

{check out the full set of photos}
Maker's Mart Holiday 2012

I set up a very quick display, with mags, cards, gift wrap kits, crochet project kits and gift tags... oh and I got the girls out for this one too :)

Maker's Mart Holiday 2012

I had better get back to making gift wrap kits for
DUCF this weekend! Hope to see you there!
chat soon,

Make Holiday Decor: DIY Scandinavian Christmas

I love the traditional and handmade feel of Scandinavian style Christmas decorations. The red and white is so bold, the rustic, simple use of nature in design... snowflakes, animals, flora... It is so beautiful. I think this is a lovely trend this holiday season, and one you can incorporate into any existing decor plan.

{page from the Indie Lovely December Issue}
Lots of ideas from DigsDigs
Make this ornament...
I've been adding all the DIY scandi x-mas tutorials I can

Monday, October 15, 2012

Etsy Shop Help: Get Relevant in Etsy Search

Get your Etsy shop ready for the Holiday shopping season and improve sales with my Etsy shop critiques!  Learn how you can be more relevant in searches using keyword analysis to boost shop SEO.  Improve your photos with easy to follow tutorials, to stand out in the sea of other items that come up in search results!

I help you rework your titles and descriptions, learn how to take professional photos, and use tags full of relevant keywords.

I have had an Etsy shop {or two} since 2007. I have learned where to place relevant keywords in your shop to help shoppers on Etsy, Google and other search engines find your items for purchase.

I am a Graphic Designer, Business Consultant, Writer & Blogger... I want to help you succeed on Etsy, and am offering my consulting services in this affordable format.

You will receive my critique of your shop in a 5-6 page PDF format that will touch on the most important aspects of your shop:

My first glance, your banner and avatar, shop title and announcement, descriptions, photos, tags and categories, pricing, shop policies, and finally, your public profile/about me page.

My First Glance
I have never seen your shop before. I will be honest with you, as I want to see you succeed. I am not your family or friend, so I can help by offering suggestions on how to improve your customer's shopping experience.

Banner & Avatar
Your banner and avatar are the face of your business online. People can get an idea of the professionalism and identity of a shop from the first glance at them. I will assist you in maintaining a cohesive brand style that speaks to your target consumer. I will offer suggestions on your banner, and as a graphic designer, also offer a 15% discount on graphic design elements for Etsy shops.

Shop Title and Announcement
The shop title is your tagline. It is located right under your banner. The shop announcement is right below that. It needs to be full of targeted keywords that help shoppers find you with search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. I will assess your current title and announcement and offer suggestions for you that will make you more relevant in searches for your product.

Search engines crawl your shop for info so they can suggest your site when someone searches for something you sell. You need your descriptions to tell it what you have in your shop in relevant terms. {are you getting it? this whole relevancy thing?} I will go through your shop and come up with targeted keywords that will be MOST relevant, and share with you exactly where to put these keywords in your descriptions.

Amazing photos really are necessary to be successful on Etsy. Honestly, you do not need an expensive camera! I will critique current product photos from your Etsy shop and share practical and inexpensive ways to help you get those amazing treasury worthy shots.

Tags and Categories
This is how customers find you. Making sure you have accurate and relevant tags and categories is essential. I will optimize your current ones to help customers find you on Etsy and beyond.

It is a fine line... what is too little and what is too much to charge for something you made with your own two hands? I will research your niche market and come up with a competitive yet reasonable suggested price range.

Shop Policies
SUPER important. Online shoppers want to know all the details before they buy. Wouldn't you? This is where you list answers to any potential questions you think a shopper may have before they have to ask. They most likely want to buy NOW, and just telling them to CONVO you isn't gonna cut it. I will have a questionnaire for you that will help you to rewrite your shop's policies to answer MOST questions about your shop so they can purchase from you with confidence.

Public Profile/About Me
People love to know more about you. They want a bond, an experience when they buy handmade. I have another questionnaire for you that will help you to write a compelling and effective profile.

I look forward to helping you improve your shop and succeed on Etsy and beyond. If you would like a more in depth session, please contact me for details.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Advertise in the Thanksgiving Issue of Indie Lovely

I am putting together the next issue of the Indie Lovely digital magazine! Indie Thanksgiving is the theme... It will be available the last week of October, so I need the ads by October 15th. I have sponsorships available starting at $5. If you would like to promote your blog, shop, or website, please email me:

Click on the photo below to see it in true life size. That way you will get a better idea of sizing. 

Meanwhile, check out the most recent issue HERE.

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